Recording Studio Equipment

You may want to take advantage of the instruments in our studio to enhance your sound.

Here is the equipment list for MSA's recording studio:

  • 5 piece “Maryland Drum” drum kit with assorted Zildjian and Istanbul cymbals
  • Pleyel 7 foot grand piano
  • Clear Sonic isolation vocal booths
  • Drum booth
  • Individual portable isolation panels
  • Wide variety of various microphones including: Neuman, Crown, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Blue & Earthworks, Audio Technica, Electro-Voice, Sony and Beyer, Blue and Earthworks microphones.
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • Genelec 1032A Studio Monitors
  • Blue & Genelec 1032B Bi-amplified monitors
  • Switchcraft patch bay system
  • Aviom Personal Monitor system
  • ART Duel 2-Channel Tube Microphone Pre-Amplifier
  • Oram: Octasonic Precision Octal Microphone Pre-Amplifier
  • Focusrite ISA428 MKII
  • Antares ATR-1 Auto Tune Intonation Processor
  • Lexicon 300 digital effects processor
  • Various DBX, Lexicon and Ashly processing units
  • Mackie HDR24/96 Multi-track Recorder
  • Tascam Da88 recording decks
  • Tascam X-48 48 Track Digital Audio Workstation
  • Sony CD Architect 5.2 Software
  • Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge 11.0 PC based editing software
  • Yamaha DM 2000