Mid South Audio builds new set for Delmarva Life musical showcase

For local musicians, playing on the WBOC DelmarvaLife stage is a great honor and a fun-filled opportunity. That coveted experience now sounds and looks very different. On January 13, show hosts revealed a new stage, built by Mid South Audio exclusively for the popular magazine-style show.

Visitors to the WBOC studio and viewers at home can enjoy the music of local performers with a greater focus on detail and texture. The stage  features cutting-edge lighting and audio technology, including razor-sharp sounds and spectacular visual effects. The digital console allows for greater possibilities.

The new set was conceptualized by Kevin Short, General Manager of Mid South Audio. It was designed and installed by Gino Bailey, Michael LeCates, Dutch Hein and Austin Carter. Christian Tauler will be the on-site technician for each musical show, ensuring flawless productions.

Tune-in to DelmarvaLife at 5 p.m. Friday to check out the stage and support great performers from across Delmarva as they showcase their talent.