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Our studio features the latest and best sound-enhancing technology so that your voice and music soar.

Mid South Audio recording Studio at 52 Bramhall Street in Georgetown, Delaware 19947 was constructed by owner Kevin Short in 1989. The studio consists of three rooms: the main studio, the control room and the editing suite.

The studio and control room were created with consideration to their individual acoustic properties and the effect each space will have on its ability to generate natural recordings and playbacks. In 2012 the control room was redesigned by industry acclaimed studio designer Gavin Haverstick of Haverstick design.

About the rooms

Mid South Audio employs multiple aural manipulators including: walls treated with auralex acoustic foam,  strategically placed sound absorbing baffles, helm holtz resonators and wooden diffusers.

Book studio time

Studio time is available by appointment and open to any type of project including: full band recordings, custom background music, custom announce on hold messages, commercials, choirs, audio for film/video, sound effects for theater productions, college/pageant submission, audio memoirs, demos and custom audio creations.

Come on down!

Call, contact us or stop in and let one of our in-house engineers show you around and discuss having Mid South Audio help with your next project. We can support you with the recording process every step of the way.

Recent recording studio clients

Local recording artists seek us out to showcase their talent.

Our recent recording studio clients include:

  • AMP (Academy of Music Performance)

  • No Spare Time

  • Randy Ashcraft

  • Christel & Paul Grandell

  • Joe Cerra

  • Kent Schoch

  • Delsy Line

  • 2 Mile Road

  • Bird Dog and the Road Kings

  • Bitter Creek

  • Buddy Merriam and Back Roads

  • Jeff Irwin

  • Joe Dawson

  • Midnight for Nothing

  • Amy Spampinato


You may want to take advantage of the instruments in our studio to enhance your sound.

Here is the equipment list for MSA’s recording studio:

  • 5 piece “Maryland Drum” drum kit with assorted Zildjian and Istanbul cymbals
  • Pleyel 7 foot grand piano

Isolation Booths

  • Clear Sonic isolation vocal booths

  • Drum booth

  • Individual portable isolation panels


  • Wide variety of various microphones including: Neuman, Crown, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica, Electro-Voice, Sony and Beyer, Blue and Earthworks microphones.


  • Empirical Labs Distressor

  • Genelec 1032A Studio Monitors

  • Blue & Genelec 1032B Bi-amplified monitors

  • Switchcraft patch bay system

  • Aviom Personal Monitor system


  • ART Duel 2-Channel Tube Microphone Pre-Amplifier

  • Oram: Octasonic Precision Octal Microphone Pre-Amplifier

  • Focusrite ISA428 MKII


  • Antares ATR-1 Auto Tune Intonation Processor

  • Lexicon 300 digital effects processor

  • Various DBX, Lexicon and Ashly processing units


  • Mackie HDR24/96 Multi-track Recorder

  • Tascam Da88 recording decks

  • Tascam X-48 48 Track Digital Audio Workstation


  • Sony CD Architect 5.2 Software

  • Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge 11.0 PC based editing software


  • Yamaha DM 2000

Schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.