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Mid South Audio can equip your school with the best in audio-video installation and integration

The audio-video needs of schools are as varied as schools themselves. Yet they all have one common issue – how to best get important communications out to students, teachers and staff efficiently and within budget.

In Delaware and Maryland, Mid South Audio is the go-to partner for schools when developing or updating audio-video systems. Mid South Audio helps schools solve their audio-visual problems so that you can focus on what is truly important – your students and their education.

Our approach combines economical choices with the latest technology. From the classrooms to the cafeteria and from the school offices to the playground, Mid South Audio helps you deliver crystal clear sounds and images.

Mid South Audio provides schools with audio-visual systems that meet the highest standards. You can turn to us to help you:

  • Provide integrated systems for each classroom that promote interaction and boost student performance

  • Use audio/visual elements effectively in school assemblies and special events

  • Work within budget restraints

  • Manage energy-efficient stage lighting

  • Train teachers and staff for efficient use of equipment

  • Enhance sights and sounds through clear signals and correct placement of equipment

You can turn to the trusted technicians at Mid South to guide you through the process.


The excitement of a school audio video situation can turn into frustration when the AV system is not organized properly. The Mid South Audio team works with you to develop a strategic plan that includes not only your current needs but your future ones as well. Audio-video systems are an investment of your time and money. With Mid South Audio’s detailed planning, your system is built to cover all of your current and future sound and video production requirements.

School Construction

Let Mid South Audio help you design your school buildings, classrooms and auditoriums for the best sound and visual experience possible. With custom installation, you will have a complete audio-video system that brings your building(s) to life.

Upgrading or Remodeling

Mid South Audio can custom design, install and integrate audio-video systems that preserve the architectural design of your school while addressing the needs that come with growth and technological changes.

We’ll provide specific solutions that inspire innovation:

  • Wireless AV systems can be used for getting many rooms in a school connected to the same system. This one upgrade could help with transmitting signals from one base to various buildings/schools as necessary and can be programmed so that individual rooms can hear or receive specific signals.

  • High-definition signals are powerful and offer clear sounds. Our solution involves reviewing these signals and looking at how individual ports and processors are used. Based on the results, we may recommend that HDMI connections be used for some items in individual rooms to support stronger signals.

  • Correct speaker placement in individual classrooms ensures that sound carries through the entire room for equal coverage from the front to the back row.

  • Projectors can be a valuable addition to many rooms to create an AV layout that allows for content to be displayed in front of an entire classroom. A projector may link to a computer inside a room to program what is displayed on it in real time or it could link to a mobile app on a device controlled by a teacher.

Training and Service: As your partner, Mid South Audio provides in-depth training in layman’s terms for your teachers and staff so that your new system is at its best with each use. The professionals at Mid South Audio will continue to partner with you to handle any unexpected issues or problems that may happen throughout the school year.

Need an innovative solution to your school’s audio-visual needs? Mid South Audio is your go-to partner in Delaware and Maryland.

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